AUGUST NEWS: I am pleased to realise that my last update for this summer promises to be quite a substantial one with quite a bit of good news coming from a few different directions. First of all, I am really excited about my coming up residency with bookRoom Farnham due to start in a few weeks from now in September and last untill August 2015. 

bookRoom provides unique facilities that combine traditional print and production technology with the latest digital developments and offers opportunities to experiment with designs and processes in a specialist environment set to encourage research, experimentation and innovation in artist book production. 
As part of my time at the press, I aim to produce a sculptural photobook under the working title Fear of Disappearance. The book will set out to explore the notion of identity in relation to space and architectural landscape. 

Within the larger project associated with this production, I will investigate my own connection with the urban setting, and London in particular, searching for the feeling of permanency within the environment that is marked by continuous redevelopment and population change.What kind of changes do we experience as a result of relocation? How does the setting influence our daily life and how do the memories of specific physical locations contribute to the development of place attachment? With these questions in mind, I am currently working on the production of new photographic series. The work in progress will be shared on my Flickr starting from late September 2014 inviting your thoughts and feedback. 

I am very grateful to The Eaton Fund for contributing financial support to this project, the latter going towards the project materials. The project related events and exhibitions are due to start in late Spring 2015. I am very much open to collaboration with other photographers on this project and am also very interested in the potential of working with the visual artists with background in architecture, people with research interest in environmental psychology, as well as the sound artists who currently work on sites in South East and North East of London. If you are interested in the potential of contributing/ collaborating on the project or have someone in mind who would be, please do not hesitate to contact me direct or pass this information on.

I am also very pleased to share several bits of news on recent publications and an upcoming public event (Brooklyn, NY). First of all, glad to say that you can now order online this wonderfully looking print publication titled Private from Our Private Garden. Featuring some of my work from the series Private Places, this 52 page publication includes the work of Adam Kencki, Alexandra Melean, David Kregenow, Fábio M. Roque, Frederic Dorizon, Hisashi Murayama, Hu Manu, Lucia Kuklisova, Maria Vasilkova, and Mário Venda Nova. To buy just contact: fabiomiguelroque(at), or mariovnova(at) The publication is limited to 100 copies.

Berlin-based indie publisher I Think We Are Alone Now is due to release its third issue next month.  The zine will include photographs from my series Kievbound as well as a substantial interview covering this particular series.

An interview featuring the work from my Motion and Silence series has been freshly released by black and white photography website Not Even Sepia and I am very pleased to share it with you here.

Last but not least, I was very excited to learn that US based Empty Strech that featured my work in their previous Petty Thieves publication as well as published a wonderful review of my book Kievbound are taking over a space in Brooklyn for the month of September and going to have two public zine events there on September 11-13, September 18-20, and an exhibition on September 25. I have been invited to participate and will be posting further event updates on my Facebook Page shortly.