JULY NEWS: It has been a busy two months since my last update here in May. My work was selected for the third issue of Find Rangers Camera Club: Smoke and Mirrors, launched on the 12th of July at Book & Job Gallery, San Francisco. The zine can now be ordered online by following the link below.  

Straybooksfest has been a definite highlight of my June, with three absolutely wonderful days dedicated to photobooks and people who make them, while both Adventitious and Kievbound have now officially joined the Zines of the Zone travelling library.

And if you are in London this week-end do check the Copeland Book Market (July 25-27, 2014) where Antler Press is represented by Trolley Books. And the stuff I have not advertised here but should have advertised was a networking event organized on the 17th of July by Inovi and gallery Number 57 in South East London. I was invited to make a short presentation about my work and current projects and I was very much blown away by some of the extremely talented people presenting the same night, links to their work can be found by hovering over the presenters' names in the event link provided earlier, or by clicking here.
After a short summer break Inovi resume their monthly events in September so it is definitely worth subscribing to their newsletter if you are an artist working in the South East or would like to follow the work of the artists working in the area.

I am planning a substantial blog update in August with some detailed news on the project I am proud to be undertaking with the bookRoom Press, Farnham starting from September. For now I would just like to share an image of the bookRoom artist Amanda Couch doing a performance reading on her book Reflection on Digestion, among the four artist books' selections by the bookRoom artists, presented at this years KALEID editions. Four bookRoom press publications selected for KALEID 2014 included books by Simon Aeppli, Amanda Couch, Nicky Hamlyn, and Emmanuelle Waeckerle.